I specialize in providing expert analysis and consulting services for use of force incidents. With my extensive background in conflict resolution and self-defense, I offer a unique and comprehensive approach to help individuals and organizations navigate complex and potentially volatile situations.


Using my 20 years of training and experience engaging in more than 3000 use of force incidents, I provide customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Whether you are an individual seeking guidance on how to handle a personal use of force incident or an organization looking to develop and implement effective protocols, I can help. My expertise includes conducting thorough incident analysis, identifying areas for improvement, and providing practical recommendations to prevent future conflicts and mitigate risk.


With a formal tone of voice, I aim to convey my professionalism and expertise in this specialized field. By utilizing my services, clients can be assured that they are receiving the highest level of guidance and support to navigate the complexities of use of force incidents.

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User Testimonial

User testimonial
Jessica Simon

I am extremely satisfied with the mediation, use of force incident analysis and consulting, and confrontation management training services provided; they were all top-notch and highly effective in resolving conflicts and improving our team’s skills and performance.

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