Welcome to Revolution Conflict Management Services, your trusted partner in resolving many types of civil disputes, specializing in Use of Force related incidents. As a subject matter expert in these specialized areas, Kevin offers professional mediation services that deliver efficient and effective solutions. Kevin’s inclusion on the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General’s Toronto Mandatory Mediation Roster is a testament to his expertise and commitment to resolving cases in a fair and impartial manner.


What is Mediation?
Mediation is a structured, but informal process where a specially trained, completely neutral third party assists the people involved in a
dispute to communicate effectively with one another. Mediation is sometimes referred to as“Assisted Negotiation”. During mediation, the parties in dispute learn more about how the conflict is affecting them
and the other parties. The mediation process encourages the parties to look below their “positions” and discover the motivating reasons behind them. The parties then work together to create an agreement that addresses everyone’s needs in a satisfactory way.

What are the benefits of Mediation?
Mediation is an attractive option for many reasons, including that it is a voluntary process where any of the parties, or the mediator can end it for any reason. Mediation is also a confidential process, which is appealing to those who prefer to keep their business private.
Other benefits include:
Economical: Mediation is considerably less expensive than litigation.
Faster Resolutions: Compared to litigation, which can take years.
Mutually Agreeable Outcomes: Because they are created by the parties themselves.
High Compliance Rates: Thanks to resolutions created by the parties in dispute.
Comprehensive & Customized Agreements: Built by those who understand the dynamics best.
Greater Control: In mediation, outcomes are determined by the parties, rather than imposed by a third party (judge).
Personal Empowerment: Negotiating on one’s own behalf creates a sense of personal power and control that can be missing from adjudicated processes.
Preserves Relationships: A mediated agreement created by the parties has a much better chance of also preserving the
Enduring Agreements: Thanks to their experience at mediation, parties are much more likely to utilize a cooperative form of problem-solving to deal with any issues.


Benefits of choosing Kevin for your Mediation Services:

  • Significant Experience and  Expertise: Kevin possesses extensive knowledge and experience in mediating cases involving use of force, personal injury, employment, as well as many other civil actions. This expertise enables Kevin to provide valuable insights and guidance to lawyers handling such matters across Canada.
  • Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General’s Toronto Mandatory Mediation Roster: Being listed on the prestigious Toronto Mandatory Mediation Roster reflects Kevin’s recognized qualifications and credibility in the field. Rest assured, your clients will benefit from our Kevin’s mediation expertise and professionalism.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Kevin’s mediation services extend across Canada, allowing him to assist clients and lawyers nationwide. Regardless of your location, we are here to help you navigate the complexities of use of force incidents and facilitate fair resolutions.

Mediation Services Offered:

  1. Mediation for Personal Injury Cases: Kevin has experience in mediating personal injury cases arising from use of force incidents, slips and falls, negligence, etc.
  2. Employment/Wrongful Dismissal Mediation: Wrongful and constructive dismissal cases can be challenging and emotional for both the employee and employer. With a solid understanding of employment law in Ontario and experience mediating several employment-related cases, Kevin brings experience and a focus on neutrality and fairness to finding resolutions that meet the needs of all parties.
  3. Motor Vehicle Accident Mediation: The law around motor vehicle lawsuits in Ontario is very complex and nuanced. With several of these mediations under his belt, Kevin adeptly handles such cases, mediating between involved parties to reach fair settlements and avoid lengthy litigation.
  4. Workplace Disputes: Conflict in the workplace, whether between employees, or employees and their leadership, can lead to positive growth and innovation. If the conflict is managed effectively that is. When is not, the results can be catastrophic to an organization. Absenteeism, toxic work environments and poor morale are just a few of the consequences. Mediation and coaching are two of the most effective ways to turn harmful conflict into new beginnings and greater opportunities!


Kevin is trained in the world renowned CINERGY model of Conflict Management Coaching. What exactly is it? Here is a great description, taken from the CINERGY website.

  • Conflict management coaching or conflict coaching as it is also called, is a specialized one-on-one process that helps clients optimize the way they engage in their interpersonal disputes. The CINERGY® model of conflict management integrates executive coaching, conflict management and neuroscience principles. It is a dynamic seven stage process that is specifically designed to help clients improve their conflict management skills and abilities according to each person’s individual and specific goals.

Why Choose Revolution Conflict Management Services:

  • Significant Experience and Use of Force Subject Matter Expertise: Kevin’s specialized knowledge and direct experience in managing more than 3000 use of force incidents equips him to handle complex cases. From law enforcement, self defense or defense of property incidents, lawyers can trust Kevin’s expertise and benefit from his insights and guidance.
  • Efficient and Equitable Resolutions: Kevin prioritizes resolving civil disputes efficiently and fairly. By fostering open dialogue and considering the unique circumstances of each case, he strive to help parties to achieve agreements that satisfy all everyone involved.
  • Nationwide Availability: Thanks to the internet, regardless of your location in Canada, our mediation services are accessible to you. Benefit from our expertise no matter where you or your clients are situated.

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User Testimonial

User testimonial
Jessica Simon

I am extremely satisfied with the mediation, use of force incident analysis and consulting, and confrontation management training services provided; they were all top-notch and highly effective in resolving conflicts and improving our team’s skills and performance.

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