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Helping to bring clarity and focus to stressful and often emotional situations

Highly skilled in conflict resolution, mediation, and security management, I am a dedicated professional with a strong background in psychology and extensive experience in various fields. With a degree in psychology and specialized certifications in dispute resolution and fire, safety, and security management, I possess a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and the ability to navigate complex situations.

As a seasoned mediator, I specialize in facilitating civil justice, workplace and community disputes, fostering open dialogue and reaching mutually beneficial resolutions. Additionally, I offer conflict management coaching services, empowering individuals and teams to effectively manage conflicts and cultivate harmonious work environments.

In the realm of security, I bring over two decades of experience, primarily within the dynamic healthcare industry, ensuring the safety and well-being of staff, patients, and visitors. I have become very active in the training of security guards in de-escalation techniques, tactical communications, use of force, self-defense, and handcuffing, instilling the necessary skills to handle challenging situations with professionalism and restraint.

Moreover, I am recognized as a subject matter expert in use of force and related legal authorities as they apply in Canada. Leveraging my expertise, I provide incident assessments and expert witness services to the legal industry, offering valuable insights and informed perspectives in complex legal cases.

Passionate about fostering safe environments, I also offer training in confrontation management and de-escalation, equipping organizations and individuals with the necessary tools to navigate potentially volatile situations with confidence and composure.

If you seek a dedicated professional with a proven track record in conflict resolution, security management, and expert legal services, I invite you to connect with me. Let’s collaborate to create safer, more harmonious environments while ensuring justice and fairness prevail.


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I specialize in providing a range of professional services aimed at resolving disputes and promoting peaceful resolutions. My mediation services offer a neutral and confidential environment where parties can engage in constructive dialogue to reach mutually agreeable solutions. With my expertise in use of force incident analysis and consulting, I can assist organizations in evaluating and improving their response strategies, ensuring fair and ethical practices are upheld. My confrontation management training equips individuals and teams with the necessary skills to effectively de-escalate tense situations and manage conflicts with professionalism and tact. With a formal tone, my services are designed to address complex situations and foster positive outcomes through respectful and professional engagement.

Use of force incident analysis
Confrontation management training

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